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What is YAP Media Plus and how does it work?

YAP Media Plus is a service that offers users exclusive benefits including ad-free listening to many YAP Media podcasts as well as access to bonus episodes and early releases of select YAP Media podcasts. Once you subscribe, you'll receive instructions on how to access these exclusive versions of YAP Media podcasts through your preferred listening platform.

Standard listening experiences without perks remain freely accessible to all. 

Can I give YAP Media Plus as a gift?

To give YAP Media Plus as a gift, choose the product you'd like to gift, then select 'Give YAP Media Plus as a gift' to sign up. You can opt to give YAP Media Plus for either six or 12 months. Your gift will expire at the end of the selected duration, and you won't be automatically charged once it ends. The recipient of your gift will be prompted to sign up directly to continue accessing YAP Media Plus after your gift period expires.

I need some help! Who should I contact?

You can contact our YAP Media Network team at network@yapmedia.com.

Which is more beneficial – single show subscriptions, or the YAP Media Plus bundle?

You are free to pick whichever feels right to you! The network bundle gives you ad-free access to most of our shows.

How do I cancel my YAP Media Plus subscription?

We hope it never happens, and we’ll be sorry to see you go!

Your membership can be managed by signing into your account and clicking the “Manage Your Account” link.

Can I listen to YAP Media Plus in my favorite podcast app?

Yes!  You can use your YAP Media Plus podcast subscription service membership in a variety of podcast apps including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocketcasts, Podcast Addict, Castbox, BeyondPod, Downcast, PlayerFM, Breaker, and Radio Public.